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Blackblock : Take back the night! (New York City, 19 avril)
Posté le mercredi 28 avril 2010 @ 12:05:32
5 mars un american apparel du Willamsburg (NYC) a vu ses vitres défoncées par une cinquantaines de personnes tout de noir vêtue. Le 19 avril, une bande similaire cause du grabuge dans le même quartier… la police dit en détenir quelque uns… Durant leur attaque ils auraient crié: « Take back the night » (c’est le nom d’une marche d’action directe contre le viol)

Yesterday we got an email about some kids knocking down garbage cans in Williamsburg over the weekend… but it never mentioned ninjas! Over at Free Williamsburg they have a more detailed and intriguing tip regarding the incident:

« I wanted to see if you had heard anything about another vigilante attack on N 6th St last night (Sat 4/17) between Bedford and Berry. I live on the block, and my friends and roommate reported seeing a ‘Ninja looking’ crew dressed in all black run[ning] down the street from Bedford to Berry and smash[ing] the drivers side window of every car on the block. I saw patches of glass all the way down N 6th. »

Another tipster confirmed the chaotic scene, also noting garbage cans were being turned over, and that the window of the tea house on the corner of North 8th was smashed. Allegedly during their menacing attack they yelled: « Take back the night! »
We just talked to an officer at the local precinct who told us that there were « some kids protesting something that night » and « we locked some of them up. » So, maybe this recent incident and the American Apparel riot not too long ago were both the handiwork of the Independent Anarchist Media Collective? On April 13th two individuals of that group were arrested for outstanding Criminal Court summonses, just days before their Anarchist Film Festival. The officer we spoke with couldn’t confirm that the two were related, but assuming they are, what do you think these kids have against bubble tea?


First the communists protested American Apparel in Manhattan, and now someone has gone and thrown rocks through the windows of the company’s store on North 6th in Brooklyn. FreeWilliamsburg reports that flaming trash was also involved in last night’s retail retaliation, and the attackers may currently be armed with blogs (according to employees at the store). A witness told them, « There were about 50 guys dressed all in black, wearing masks, and causing total mayhem all along North 6th St, dumping out trash dumpsters and setting everything on fire in the streets, and then smashing all the windows of the American Apparel. »

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